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enodo economics
Understand China's Impact on Your World
Enodo Economics Training Courses

Our courses will teach you the fundamentals of how China’s economy, political system and financial markets work, and how they affect the rest of the world. You will gain the knowledge needed to make better-informed investment and policymaking decisions, to uncover investment opportunities and to guard against idiosyncratic risks.

China is one of the most misunderstood countries in the world, yet one of the most important to figure out. Through its sheer size and integration into international supply chains, China impacts everything. Its meteoric rise and unique development model have transformed the global economy and financial markets in the past two decades.

You will learn directly from Enodo Economics’ team of experts, who together have more than 250 years of experience focusing on the economics, politics, markets and culture of China. We make use of bespoke online teaching videos of the highest professional standard. The material, carefully tailored to bring to life the content of each course, includes interviews with relevant figures whose personal stories illuminate the concepts being taught. Imaginative visual aids and animation are designed to enhance the learning experience – and make it fun!

We offer a variety of formats to suit your needs and budget. Whether you are looking for self-paced online only, online with live interaction or you want to build your own bespoke course from our suite of 100+ modules, then we have what you need.

Who our courses are for

Whether you work in the financial or government sector, or you are involved in business strategy or risk analysis. Or you simply want a better understanding of China, we have training courses for you. Here are some of the job titles of those who have enjoyed our courses in the past:

  • Portfolio / Fund / Wealth Managers
  • Investment Analysts
  • Market Strategists
  • Chief Investment Officers
  • Chief Risk Officers
  • CEOs
  • Managing Directors
  • Business Strategists
  • Business Managers
  • Heads of Research
  • Directors of Investment
  • Business and Investment Risk Professionals
  • PE Investors
  • Actuaries
  • Financial Journalists
  • Economists
  • Civil Servants
  • Policy Officers and Officials
  • Diplomats
  • Military Personnel
  • Analysts
  • University Students
Course formats

If you prefer an option that includes live interaction with your instructors, our interactive course, Understand China’s Economy Politics and Markets is for you. Designed to fit in with your busy schedule, this course runs at different times throughout the year and follows this format:

  • Online video content: Over the course of 4 weeks, you will learn from online videos in your own time
  • Interactive sessions: Each week you will also attend an interactive online session with your instructors, so you can ask any questions you have. All sessions are recorded, so if you can’t attend one you will not miss out.

For information on upcoming course runs, pricing etc. register here:


We have 5 different courses that can be taken in your own time using our online training platform. Click any of the images below for more info, including pricing and how to register.


If you are a business and wish to build your own course, in-person, online, or both, we have over 170 modules that can be arranged in any combination to suit your needs. Please contact us here:

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If you wish to discuss a team or enterprise wide solution for any of the above course formats, please contact us here:

Contact Us

Meet your course leaders

Diana Choyleva

Chief Economist

Diana is recognised as one of the foremost experts on the Chinese economy. As Mervyn King, governor of the Bank of England from 2003-2013, said of her, “It is increasingly rare...
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Nigel Inkster

Director of Geopolitical and Intelligence Analysis

Nigel has had a long career as a security and intelligence expert. Understanding China is not just about China in isolation. To understand China, you have to be able...
read more read more

Meet our other experts

Dinny McMahon

Banking and Financial Markets

Dinny spent a decade working as a financial journalist in Beijing and Shanghai. As the Wall Street Journal’s finance correspondent, he tracked closely the evolution of China’s...
read more read more

Dr. Barbara Wang

Professor of Cross-cultural Leadership
Associate Dean for China Initiatives
Hult Ashridge Executive Education

Dr. Barbara Wang is a full-time professor of cross-cultural leadership, and she is the Associate Dean for China Initiatives. Barbara is an expert in Cross-cultural Leadership and Chinese Leadership...
read more read more

Fraser Howie

Financial Markets Analysis Contributor

Fraser has worked in China’s financial markets as a practitioner and a researcher since the 1990s, giving him a rigorous understanding of the markets that is unrivalled.....
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Understanding the Chinese economy is not for the fainthearted. You have to make sense of the data but also be able to put it in the context of industrial policy, Beijing’s political priorities and so on. I liken it to doing a jigsaw without being able to see the picture on the box. Yet that’s what Diana Choyleva does so well in her regular commentary, which I’ve really enjoyed following, and now with the Enodo Economics program she’s put together. Take the courses and you’ll learn not only how to put the various pieces of the China puzzle together, you’ll get to see the whole picture.
Janet L. Yellen
US Secretary of the Treasury
Chair of the Federal Reserve, 2014-18
China matters. Even more than you realise. If you want to thrive and succeed in business, consulting, investing or policymaking you must really understand China and how it shapes the world. This programme created by Enodo Economics will help you do just that and stay at the top of your game. It’s rare to find unbiased, thoughtful and practical teaching by great communicators, but this is it. An indispensable guide.
Orit Gadiesh
Chairman Bain & Co