enodo economics
Understand China, understand the world.
enodo economics
Understand China, understand the world.
Mervyn King
Governor of the Bank of England, 2003-13
It is increasingly rare to find an economist who eschews the conventional wisdom and is prepared to think for herself. In today’s uncertain world it is a priceless quality. Diana Choyleva is such a person.”
Gary Reynolds
CIO, Courtiers
Diana is unusual in that she is both a brilliant economist and a great communicator. Born and raised in Bulgaria, Diana understands that economic decisions have real outcomes for ordinary people. She also has the humility to acknowledge when she is wrong (very unusual) and never boasts about the many things she gets right, which have made our clients a lot of money!”
Marino Valensise
Head of Multi Asset & Income, Barings
In the many years I have known Diana, she has always demonstrated an uncommon level of intellectual curiosity. This has frequently led to a very distinct opinion and insightful investment research.”
Henry Maxey
CIO, Ruffer LLP
There is art involved in making economics useful to investors. And economics isn’t known as the dismal science for nothing. Which is why Diana’s synthesis of signal from the noise is so valuable.”
Tim Garry
CIO, Pelorus Jack Capital LP
Our favorite expert on China is Diana Choyleva who has branched out and started her own research firm called Enodo Economics. We have been reading Diana for years now and have found her balanced calls both accurate and timely.”
Crispin Odey
Odey Asset Management
Diana’s research on China transformed my understanding of the risks involved in looking through the government’s eyes. To be given the eyes to look into the future is the great gift that Diana gives her readers. Does her reward have to be in Heaven? No!”
David Kamons
Portfolio Manager, Wells Fargo
I was cleaning out a bookshelf and found the transcript of a conference that Diana and I attended in Miami in 2008. Rereading it nine years later reminded me how great her insights were then and they are still great. Very much ahead of the curve, focused on what will happen rather than merely reporting what has happened. Great work.”
Robin Hall
Founder and Managing Partner 1988-2009, Cinven
During my time as Managing Partner of Cinven, Diana Choyleva’s macroeconomic analysis helped me make sense of the world economy and how it impacted our investment decisions. She is unusual in not only possessing great analytical skills but also being able to summarise and communicate her analysis in a very effective manner.”
Izabella Kaminska
FT Alphaville
At the start of 2014, hardly anyone thought that the yuan was overvalued and was likely to go down not up. Diana Choyleva got that important turning point in China spot on.”
Tom Keene
Bloomberg Editor-at-Large
I am always looking forward to talking to Diana Choyleva, now Chief Economist at Enodo Economics. She has carved out an analysis and a perspective on China which has always been of great value, but never more so than now.”
Ashish Shekhar
Asia Pacific Head of Financial Institutions Credit Risk, HSBC
Diana’s research combines data analysis, on-ground client feedback and her expert knowledge on China to put together a view that is independent, insightful and actionable. I have been following her research for many years, and am impressed by her deep understanding of financial markets, macroeconomic trends and policy impacts. A true subject matter expert, who is able to simplify and unravel even the most complicated issue.”
Fraser Howie
Co-author of Red Capitalism, named Book of the Year 2011 by the Economist magazine
Diana Choyleva was one of the first China watchers to identify and warn of the slowdown in China. Bringing common sense and questioning analysis to bear, she saw the fundamental structural problems in the economy and the resulting consequences more clearly than many more-experienced observers, who were in denial. Diana is one of the people I want to read on China.”