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enodo economics
Understand China, understand the world.

If you want to know what news from China is important and why, seen through the eyes of one of the foremost experts on the country’s economy, then China News That Matters is for you.

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Enodo’s chief economist, Diana Choyleva, has been analysing China for almost 20 years, while Enodo’s team boasts a combined 140 years’ experience covering China’s economy, politics and markets.

Many investors have asked us for an insight into what Diana and the Enodo team pick out as important in the ever-increasing flow of news out of China.

Through our weekly digest, China News That Matters, we will give you selected summaries, sourced from a variety of local Chinese-language and international news outlets, and highlight why we think the news is significant.

China is one of the most misunderstood economies in the world, making it all the more important for you to figure out what’s really happening. Our news digest will separate the signal from the noise, providing you with valuable pointers to investment opportunities and evolving risks.

Taiya Smith
Director, Climate Leadership Council and co-founder/CEO of Phyllis Technologies JSC (Shanghai) Automotive Consulting
I met Diana at the Bloomberg New Economy Forum and she put me on her mailing list for Enodo’s weekly overview of what is going on in China. I find the combination of economic reporting analysis and targeted facts exceptionally useful. There are many places to get summaries of China activities, but Enodo’s weekly overview is the one that I am sure to read!”
Roland van den Brink
Founder, TrigNum BV
China News That Matters is concise and incisive weekly reading for anyone who wants to understand China. It is the only subscription I make time for as an investor. Discovering true trends in economic, financial and political news from China pays off. Proof? Two hundred percent return of an investment of around €140 million. That Matters.”
Jochen Siebert
Managing Director, JSC (Shanghai) Automotive Consulting
I always look forward to the next instalment of China News That Matters, as Diana Choyleva is not only a world class analyst of China, but also a great writer. Fun and educational writing is hard to come by and it’s hard to beat Diana in this discipline. Plus almost every time she points at important issues that I missed, although I read tons of material on China every day.”

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